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New Tec, Inc. understands the importance of a good battery, great service, and charging solutions. With a department fully specialized in Industrial Batteries and Chargers, you can have peace of mind knowing our well equipped staff will provide you with solutions that work.

We offer a full line of new batteries from Crown Battery and an extensive selection of reconditioned batteries to meet your needs. Our complete line of Powerhouse and Eagletronic chargers enables us to perfectly match a charger to your battery to maximize your batteries lifetime and performance.

The electric forklift plays a vital role in the day to day operations for many businesses. While the lift itself is a key asset, the battery as its source of power is even more important.  Select from our Planned Maintenance Programs to ensure your operation runs seamlessly.

Unsure of what product or planned maintenance program will work with your operation call our Territory Manager/Industrial Battery Specialist – Joey Mantel at 866.369.0505 to find the right solution to meet your operational needs.



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Planned Maintenance will be carried out by our Battery Specialist and will include
a written recommendation of any necessary repairs.



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When should I water my battery?

Batteries in demanding applications should be checked/watered more frequently than those in lighter applications. A good rule of thumb is to check water levels in the battery every 5-10 charge cycles, and water accordingly.

Please Note:
ONLY water the battery when it is fully charged. When a battery charges, the water level increases. When watering a battery that is less than fully charged could result in water overflowing from the battery at next charge.

What do I smell when my battery is charging?

The odor is Hydrogen Sulfide. When a battery reaches 80% and above during a charge cycle it begins to generate heat.

Why do I see bubbles rising to the top?

This is a normal occurrence in batteries and is commonly referred to as “gassing” or “mixing”.  TIP: Batteries that are overcharged or were severely discharged need more charge time to bring them up to 80%.

How is the AMP Hour capacity of my battery calculated?

Each battery has a model number with a typical layout of xx-xx-xx. There is always one more negative than positive plates in each cell. To calculate capacity, take the number of positive plates in each cell times the Amp-hour(Ah) capacity per positive plate.

[(Total # of plates per cell-1)/2] x Ah capacity per positive plate
[(13-1)/2] = 6.   6×85=510 Ah

Equalize- Why is it important and how often?

By performing an equalizing charge, the acid concentration will be more equally distributed throughout each cell in the entire battery, resulting in a more balanced voltage. Depending on usage, a battery typically should be equalized every 5 charge cycles.

If I want to water my own battery, do you have kits available?

Yes, we offer industrial battery systems such as FLOW-RITE, AquaPro, and Philadelphia Scientific.  The industrial battery system brands are cost effective. They are able to extend the life & performance of the battery, along with saving time and convenient.

Here are some of our Watering Kit Brands:

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